The Mech Paradox at AVCon 2012

The Multi-player death-match shooter for mobile devices is tested. Although some features weren't in the game at the time, everyone still enjoyed it.
Except one girl.
She hates fun.

We also made it into Hyper magazine again with a much more detailed description and more screen shots.
Defence Cannon released on the App store and Google Play

After finishing all the levels and spit shining the features, we got our first game out onto Apple and Android devices.

Defence Cannon at AVCon 2011

At AVCon once again with high hopes on testing our first release game before launch.
After some great feedback, we adjusted the game accordingly.

Thankfully we didn't have to change much as everyone that played it, loved it (or at least we're too buff for them to say anything to our faces).
Artificial Perfection at AVCon 2009

We had a great weekend displaying a game by us for the first time.
There was some awesome feedback from our players, and we even made it into Hyper magazine.