Welcome to the Universe One Interactive support page.

Terms and conditions:

By downloading any of our software, you agree to accept our terms and conditions.

Universe One Interactive is not responsible for damaged devices, loss of game data, any injury caused by interacting with our software or any medical condition aggravated when using our software.


When playing any video game, please make sure you have no medical conditions that can be aggravated by repetitive movements or images. If you do or are unsure if you do, make sure you consult with your doctor before playing.

With games that involve moving your device, we recommend a good quality case for your device in case of dropping or colliding with objects around you.

Please ensure you're in an area where you or your device will not collide with any objects or people.


We do not accept any resumes, portfolios, links or any other kind of application at this time. By sending us any concept work without us asking for it directly, you agree that it becomes property of Universe One Interactive and you forfeit any ownership. So don’t bother trying anything.

If you have any trouble or would like to offer any feedback regarding any of our products, please contact us at support@universeoneinteractive.com